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    Love this Mantra theme V and it looks great on the desktop monitor, however when it comes to viewing on mobile phone, iphones 4/5 samsung galaxy’s and ipads in portait mode and landscape approx 98% of the header is chopped off.

    I have tried making a smaller header logo only to find Mantra upscales the image and it becomes pixelated and horrible looking. Ive created new images to the size it tells me it will display, when I upload via the header uploader Mantra wants to chop 3/4 of the height from it by cropping and some of the width too. I’ve tried reducing the width of the content to it’s minimum, the header image still does not display correctly while viewing on a mobile device.

    I’ve tried various mobile device plugins and still the same results, reinstalled the theme and still no joy. If I remove the logo image and choose the default site title and tag line these display fine, I really need the logo though.

    Did some changes to css as suggested by some people and still the header image won’t display correctly on a mobile device. It is driving me crackers as the theme is a great looking theme and does all I want on a desktop, it’s a pity the viewing on mobile devices lets it down.

    Is there a bug problem regarding header images within this version of Mantra? If this is a bug can someone please say so as I’ve spent many hours trying to solve this problem.

    I don’t mind donating to authors of WordPress themes but I’d be pretty cheesed off if I had paid for this only to find it problematic




    Thanks very much Grady for your response, I made a compromise and made the logo image much smaller than I wanted and it solved the problem …just 🙂

    Any idea when the next update is ?  I might be able to get my original logo back.




    Cryout Creations mastermind

    A new Mantra version will be available in about a week from now.

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