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    Nate Moe

    Hey Guys,

    First off, really impressed with the theme!  After tons of searching and uninteresting themes I found yours and haven’t looked back since.  Two questions for you, hope they are easy:

    1. How can I set an image for the background of the main body of text on a page? If you visit the site you will see the company’s logo, I would like to set that as the background rather than just an image.

    2. Is there anyway to remove the “Leave a Reply” section from individual pages?

    Again, thanks for you hard work on this!

    Cryout Creations mastermind


    Thanks for the kind words.

    1. That’s probably not gonna work like you want it to. The dimensions of the image you want to use will be a problem unless it’s a repeatable pattern. You’d have to add this CSS code to the Custom CSS area in the Mantra Settings page:

    #content {
    background:url (image.jpg) repeat;

    2. You don’t just want to hide the Leave a Reply section, you actually want to disable comments on those pages right? Please have a read here to disable comments.

    Before posting consider reading our short theme debugging instructions.
    Please read the FAQs: MantraNirvanaParabolaTempera
    Tutorials: custom menustranslating themeinstalling themecategory page with introdisabling comments Wordpress: child themescategories/posts
    Before making any modifications to your theme we strongly recommend using Child Themes.
    Nate Moe

    Thanks for the info!  You are right, it didn’t work quite like I wanted it.  Worth a shot though.  I was also able to follow the instructions for removing the comments section from the pages I wanted.  Thanks for help!

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