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    Steven Britton

    In the latest Nirvana (0.9.1) the “Layout” tab in the “Nirvana Settings” area, the “Layout” dropdown is broken.

    This is on a site that I manage. On my own site, it works just fine, however on the other site, I uploaded 0.9.1 directly and the tab doesn’t work properly. I can drag the slider back and forth, however the numbers which change to show the width of the site are partially hidden under the “Header Settings” tab, the two slider boxes are on top of each other, setting the width to “0” (I think), and you cannot move the second of the two boxes.

    The result is I cannot configure the width of the site, and the settings don’t save, either.

    Both sites are hosted on the same hosting service, with the same kind of server and the same settings. Both were running Parabola previously (which shouldn’t make a difference). The only difference is my own personal site started with nirvana.0.9 (and upgraded to 0.9.1 a few days ago) while the other site was nirvana.0.9.1 and downloaded this morning. (July 29, 2014)

    Steven Britton

    After digging further, this makes less and less sense to me. I uploaded the new version to another site I manage, and it worked just fine.

    So, the question is, why is it not working on one of my three sites????

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi Steven,

    I’d suggest you disable all plugins you have installed on the non-working site (or maybe check what plugins differ from one installation to another and just disable those).

    One other possible issue could be related to incomplete theme files. Delete the Nirvana folder from the non working installation and re-upload a fresh, newly downloaded copy of the theme.

    Good luck!

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    Steven Britton

    Hi Kay,

    Those were the first two things I tried – disabling all the plugins and reinstalling the theme.

    I just did the same thing again, to no avail.

    Could it be a java/jquery thing?


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