Landing Page is not showing as shown in Demo

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    I have been using the latest Anima( theme! I really loved the demo! But when I installed the theme I could only see Featured Boxes Bottom even though other options like Featured Icons and Featured Boxes Top are enabled. Is there any setting or is there a bug! Please resolve this issue! Thank you!


    Cryout Creations Team

    The landing page tries to get its initial content from your site’s posts and pages. If you don’t have enough posts and pages (or have none of these at all), the landing page will miss some of its sections entirely – the icon blocks and text areas get content out of pages, the boxes out of posts.

    You can also add posts/pages and assign them to the the desired areas at any time though the theme’s landing page options.

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    I already have total 7 pages and 22 posts! Still it is not showing! I have also installed Fluida theme, it is working perfectly! Then what’s the problem with Anima? I don’t know.


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    I met the question of consent, hope to answer…


    Cryout Creations Team

    @rajesh, could you provide a screenshot of your landing page options from the customizer panel?

    , could you rephrase your question? Also, do you have a question about Anima? As your site is using Fluida.

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    I too am having issues with the landing page. Some times it will show and other times it will not. When I go to the theme’s “customize”, the landing page will most of the time not show in the preview pane even when enabled. When it doesn’t show in the preview pain it will not show on the front end. With the landing page enabled it acts like its disabled and the default WordPress home page is shows.

    I have tried it in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Explorer all with the same response.

    Screen #1
    Screen #2



    Landing Page content can not be displayed and now only shows articles.


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    Fluida is used well, but the contents of the Anima Landing Page are not displayed.
    I do not know how to set up the full-screen Landing Page.

    My website is now using the Anima theme, please look at thank you.





    Upstairs friends Hello, I solved this problem.

    Must be in the static home page option, select a page to be able to show the same as in the example.



    Hello Friend @smusic . That’s great. No one have looked into that. Thanks for clarifying this issue! I just want to make this more clearer by extending your solution in proper steps, may be it will be helpful to other people!
    Just go to the Theme Customization and select the “Static Front Page”, the third last option(third from the lower side) on the theme customization panel, and select whatever you want to show on front page as shown in demo. Thank you once again @smusic. And sorry @zed, I think the issue was because of the lack of knowledge.

    Cryout Creations Team

    Hi guys,

    EDIT: During the previous theme’s review process we were asked to make the landing page only activate when a static page is set as the homepage. This is why Anima (and Septera) behave differently than Fluida.

    In the next update we’ll make the landing page description much clearer (and bolder) and add a link from it to the ‘Front page displays’ option for ease of use.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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    Olá, obrigado ao @smusic e ao @rajesh isso mesmo, você precisa criar duas páginas uma home e a outra blog e depois na aba configurações + leitura coloca em uma página estática Página inicial: home e Página de posts: blog que já vai funcionar tudo certinho, estou a 2 dias tentando resolver esse problema no blog, mas agora está tudo certo. Obrigado.

    Estou usando o tema Kahuna

    Agora é só configurar e colocar os conteúdos.

    Obs.: Desculpe sou do Brasil então português pt_BR


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