How to: make custom menu widget work

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    Good Evening

    First up – awesome wordpress theme! thanks 🙂

    Second – am trying to get the custom menu widget to behave like a main menu.

    Currently it is placed in the right hand column of pages. And menu names only display when hovered over.

    How do I get them to display ‘normally’?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    The are displayed but the links have the same color as the backgrounds you set for your widgets. Either change the color of the links or the background color of the widgets.

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    Thanks for the quick answer Kay 🙂

    I have taken your advice and changed the colours.

    Note: in the Tempera Settings > Colour Settings > Links, the ‘general’ colours seem to over-ride the widget colour options. I had the widget link set to #ffffff, but it displays as the ‘general’ colour.

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