How to format pages?

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    Mantra lets me customize my presentation page (home page), but how do I personalize my other pages? I want my other pages to have a “news article” feel.

    Forest Skills Ltd

    Sorry I can’t help here, but to add to your additional request, I’d love it if you could add dividing lines between say the Content section and the sidebars/header.

    If this could be done in a visual/wysiwyg editor with a load of pre-installed options then that would be great!

    Hopefully I’m not asking for too much here 😉


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    @Forest Skills

    Yeah that’s a bit too much because we’re trying to add the most general and wanted options. What you request is pretty easy to do via CSS styling with a little patience.


    We will add in the future more custom page templates.

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