Have the header image resized automatically when changing screen size

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    Dear Mantra team,

    I have set up a blog with the mantra theme, using a 1100 (required width) * height header image containing the name of the blog and its description. The problem is that this header image does not scale with different screen sizes. How can I make that possible?

    Many Thanks,


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    For now you can’t because of the fixed header height. We’re working on implementing it in a future version.

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    Hi Kay,

    Many thanks for your answer!  That would be really great to have this fixed in a later version because I really love the theme you have developped here and all the customizations it allows. I have taken quite some time to select it among the hundreds possible and tweek the look&feel to my very needs. Would really hate to switch to another one and do not have the skills to go and play with the CSS code behind it to be honest. So far, I have had only a few complaints from readers using portable devices with smaller screens but it might become a bigger issue with a developping audience.

    I’ll definitively keep an eye open on your next releases! Keep going !


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