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    awesome theme, altogether! One question regarding a specific difference to Parabola:

    In Parabola, when setting a general background color different from the content background color and the sidebar background color (or setting some bg image) there is a ~20px wide background gap visible between content and sidebar. In Tempera, this gap is missing, backgrounds of content and sidebar are continuous.

    Is there a possibility to enable this gap in Tempera? Regarding this detail, Parabola themed sites look more “tidy” with the “separate rectangles hovering above the background”.

    Thanks in advance


    I made a commented screenshot available:

    Hope this clarifies my question

    Best regards

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    That’s really a design choice. So if you like the ‘gap’ design you go with Parabola, if you like ‘filled’ design you go with Tempera or Mantra. There’s no easy way of making one look like the other.

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