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    My question: I couldn’t find a Custom-CSS-option in both the Septera and the Fluida-Theme.
    Beside that, I really like these themes, but that’s a crucial point for me.

    I’m using the Parabola-Theme on another Website, where this feature is included. Parabola also has a wonderful clearly arranged Settings-Backend with loads of adjustments and a lot of space to get a good overview. I think in Septera and Fluida it’s too much switching around to find what you need.

    So please keep the way Parabola works!


    Yes, found it at last: Miscellaneous.
    Wasn’t that difficult…


    Ups, that was for “Fluida”. No Custom-CSS in Septera 🙁

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi webologist,

    We didn’t include a Custom CSS field in Septera because WordPress has added an ‘Additional CSS’ field in the customizer that works pretty much in the same way.

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    Thank you for your answer. I didn’t have the latest WP-Edition…

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