Tempera is LIVE and waiting for you!

For all those of you that find it too much of a hustle to download and manually install themes, well, our latest theme Tempera is now live on WordPress.org so you’re really just a click away from it.

For those that manually installed it, you can now update to the latest version. Join us after the jump for the changelog and the LIVE celebration.

Parabola 1.3.2 is taking charge of the buttons

The latest version comes with several fixes which prove that Parabola is trying to take control of its many (now fixed) buttons and become sentient.

In other news Bebas Neue font now includes support for regional characters; other small changes include Wordpress 3.8 readyness and cosmetic changes in the settings page.

See the changelog for more…

Parabola 1.3.1 and the little things

Not much to say about this version. Just some small cosmetic changes, a new social icon (Steam) and a small fix for multi-line breadcrumbs.

We also disabled the auto-redirect to Parabola’s settings page after theme install / update. Full changelog after the click.

Parabola 1.3.0 touches responsiveness again

In this update we addressed the responsiveness issue again. With new browser detection and a responsive check for resolutions below 1100px, responsiveness has been greatly improved.

This version also comes bundled with improved plugin compatibility and a new media uploader for the theme settings page. Full changelog after the jump.

Parabola 1.2.2 skips a beat

After a bit of quarrel with the Wordpress theme review team (which even triggered a Codex instructions/rules update) and a rejected update, Parabola won and the new version is up for grabs.

The major change is in the presentation page’s behaviour, which will now display latest posts by default and which can be overridden by Wordpress’ “Show on frontpage” option…

Parabola 1.2.0 catches up

The latest Parabola weekly update is not far behind Mantra. Version 1.2.0 brings a couple of bugfixes, two new social icons and the Dutch translation.

Read the changelog for further details…

Parabola 112 is no emergency

Nothing is burning, nothing blew up, no zombie invasion, no reason to call 112.
The latest Parabola update drops in to solve the last outstanding issue “featured” in the 1.1.0 release and add three new options.

Read the changelog for specifics…

Parabola 1.1.1(.1) flexes with glasses

We like ones so much we made three more Parabolas 1.1… We actually don’t like them so much, we kind of had to…

Parabola fixes the outstanding issues with double widgets in the sidebar and lack of responsiveness introduced in 1.1. For the missing presentation page…

Parabola 1.1.0 sees double

It’s here! The first step forward after reaching maturity, Parabola 1.1.0 packs a long list of changes, improvements and, of course, fixes. It’s not trying to be perfect (more on this later) but it does its best to evolve and grow.

To expand a bit on the new features, changes, fixes and bundled issues, Parabola 1.1.0…

Parabola 1.0.2 goes by unnoticed

Nothing “extraordinaire”, just a small set of fixed and improvements, part of our (brand new and totally unconfirmed) semi-weekly updates release schedule.

Read more to see the (relatively short) changelog…