Parabola 0.9.4 under review

Two weeks after its release into the wild, Parabola is out of the queue and entering the Wordpress review process. To mark this, we have released the latest (still kind of beta) update – 0.9.4 – which removes some, fixes some, improves some and adds some.

You’ll find the changelog by reading the rest…

The new PARABOLA theme is out now!

You probably haven’t been waiting for it that much but nevertheless here it is. The newest Cryout Creations theme is finally available for download. We’ve tested it as much as we could but it’s still practically a beta until you guys get a go with it.

Parabola is just as free as Mantra, the forum is already live and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from you guys. Download link after the jump.

Parabola Theme beta preview

So our mysterious creation that’s been keeping us busy for a while now – Parabola – has reached beta stage.

It is now near its final design and all options have been implemented, while we are working on chasing out the bugs and testing that all options do in fact perform as they’re supposed to.

Parabola Theme sneak preview

Between fine-tuning the latest incarnations of Mantra, drinking our coffee, gaming like maniacs (more or less) and preparing ourselves for Mantra’s two year anniversary, we’ve also been very busy masterminding our next world-conquering creation – Parabola.

While theoretically being an offspring of Mantra, Parabola differentiates itself through its mathematically-precise design, lightness and abundance of corners.