Parabola 1.6.1 follows suit

Parabola finally dares make a step beyond the line and bring an out of order update…. but only because the changes are so small that life could go on even without them at this moment.

Still, Parabola likes to keep in line with her sisters and stay updated.

Parabola 1.6 isn’t left behind

Being older and wiser, we have tried to spare Parabola for as long as possible the pain of having part of her soul ripped out and removed like a piece of defective code. But unfortunately things need to evolve, bugs need to be fixed and improvements added, so the time has come for Parabola to lose her settings options as well.

Just like with her sisters we have prepared for this moment and set up an alternative solution…

WordPress and theme options part II – the fracture

As you might know by now, themes in the official repository are no longer allowed to implement a theme options page. All new themes were required since early this year to implement support for the Customizer and some weeks ago this rule became mandatory for themes already published in the repository as well.

We’ve given this a great deal of thought and we decided not to transfer theme options to the Customizer interface. We built our themes settings to fit and work in a certain way and we feel the Customizer structure just isn’t right for them.

To be able to continue providing theme updates…

Parabola 1.5.1 is invisible

Another week, another round of small fixes for Parabola. This time some notices, slashes, alignments and styles get tweaked to bring her closer to perfection.

For specific changes, browse the changelog…

Parabola 1.5 is the smart one

Parabola learned from experience to circumvent her younger sisters’ critical mistakes and brings you only the desert in this round of themes updates.

Among the most important additions are support for WPML and Polylang multilingualism in custom content areas and her newly achieved skills in the commerce sector with the inclusion of the WooCommerce compatibility (child theme) code and styling. For everything else…

Parabola 1.4.3 packs a few

After a long, deserved and relaxing winter break Parabola returns into the world only to find a changed Wordpress. Things are different now, rules somehow feel heavier… There’s still some time left, but she can’t help but let her thoughts roam wild… What will happen next? Will she be able to adapt?

In the meantime, this is one of the larger updates (not in file size but in the number of items fixed, changed, added or improved), so remember to check the changelog for all the info.

Parabola 1.4 holds a grudge

Run! Hide! Save all the women and children. Parabola 1.4 has arrived and she’s got a grudge.

She’s upset because she’s been ignored for so long while the two younger sisters got all the attention. So upset that she’s bringing a major update with lots of changes, some fixes and (hopefully) no new bugs…