Mantra multiple small fixes

The latest update to the Mantra theme just became live. It’s a pretty big update that both adds a few small things as well as fixes quite a few more.


Here are the minor add-ons:

  • Added an option to make the header image 100% responsive. It’s right next to the Mobile view option under Miscellaneous Settings. Using CSS3 this makes the header image responsive as any other image in the Mantra Theme.
  • We fixed the auto thumbnail image sizes. Now the Auto Thumbnail for posts will look and behave exactly the same as the manually inserted Post Thumbnails. The option to automatically create a post thumbnail using the first image inserted into a post has been around for a while and you’ll find it under ‘Featured Image Settings’. Go check it out
  • Added two more widget areas (before and after page content). You can add anything there. Go ahead and try them, then give us some lovely feedback
  • Added Instagram to the social icons
  • Moved the ‘Power by’ text underneath the customizable footer text.
  • Added 3 more language files (Russian, Brazilian and Spanish)
  • Removed border radius on the meta section


And these are the minor fixes:

  • RTL – fixed widget title padding
  • Fixed padding issue with widgets. Your widgets might shift a tad to the left of to the right. Keep an eye on this and please get back to us if any issues occur
  • Fixed RSS main page title being doubled
  • Fixed sticky posts showing thumbnails even when Full Post was selected in the Post Excerpt Settings
  • Fixed Previous Post and Next Post navigation overlapping in some occasions
  • Fixed an issue where hiding list bullets affected comments layout and padding
  • For Internet Explorer:
    • the magazine layout now works as expected
    • the hide/show tags option now works as expected
    • the search bar in the widget areas now has a border again
    • post titles overlapping now fixed
    • the disappearing header and footer background colour is now fixed
Mantra is a clean, highly customizable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Since updating the theme I have had a problem with the mobile redirect. Several months ago I set up a specific mobile version of my site using Dudamobile and Mantra redirected perfectly to it. However since the update I get redirected to a “desktop” mobile version of my website . I have disabled the “Mobile View” in “Misc Setting” and I have ticked “Active Redirection” (in the Duda plugin) to my Dudamobile page but it will not redirect.

  2. We are using a 3 column layout on the presentation page, and the images in the columns are all stretched out, as if you are looking at the site in mobile when you are in IE8. Is there a fix for this, or something we can change in the CSS?

  3. Somehow the “show date” option for my posts got turned off, and I can’t seem to be able to turn it back on. I have it “on” in both the “Posts” area as well as in the Appearance – Mantra Settings.” Do you have advice? Is this a common problem?

  4. I love this theme…but i have problem, i install new wordpress and i download new mantra theme and i have problem with “mantra settings” in wordpress panel, i didnt see “Content / Sidebar Width” and i cant change this, can you somebody help me with this?

  5. Great update!
    I believe that the changes for the RTL is after my message, thank you very much anyway.
    Still some problems left with the bullets on rtl
    .entry-content ul>li {
    padding-left: 20px;
    has to be
    padding-right: 20px;
    in order to show up well
    Still there are some new problems with the widget titles (it has padding now but the blue background is padding to) and leaves some empty space.
    I”ll provide a screenshot if you want.

  6. One question on the responsive header image size change… works awesome for the image, but it doesn’t resize the header itself so as you get smaller you end up with a small image in a large empty box. Is this the way it is supposed to work, or is it a local problem? Can it be remedied?

  7. Fantastic theme. Only issue I have is getting double images from my posts. I have enabled ‘Show featured images as thumbnails on posts.’ and disabled ‘Show the first image that you inserted in a post as a thumbnail.’ yet this image still shows when in category archive (which I use as my blog list page). Can the featured image be included within the post page (currently does not) or otherwise the post image be disabled properly?

  8. Love this theme. Thank you for all your work on this. One issue though. After the update, the featured image doesn’t show up on the main page anymore. Worked prior to the update.

  9. Hi, I just upgraded to but now the image slider never shows any of the images it did prior to the upgrade. I just get a spinning icon in the middle of the slider area. Any idea what is going on here? I checked to make sure there were still slides specified in the Slides area and there were so not sure what is going on here…

    1. You uploaded your slider image files inside Mantra’s folder. That’s bad.
      Wordpress deletes the entire theme directory then downloads the new version when updating. This is its default behaviour and it does this with both themes and plugins. This makes sure there are not leftover files from previous versions.
      Use WordPress’ built-in upload function instead.

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