Roseta – A brand new WordPress theme for 2019

Roseta is a brand new free WordPress theme to get you started in 2019. The theme was supposed to be a nicely wrapped present for you to find under the tree on last year’s Christmas morning but, alas, a few last moment tweaks and improvements delayed things quite a bit. But boy oh boy was it worth it.

Find out why it’s worth it and then get to installing, activating and customizing. Right after the jump.

Fluida 1.6.0(.1/.2) meets Gutenberg

Changelog: version Fixed notice about malformed number format in setup.php since 1.4.0 Fixed Gutenberg editor background color missing version Fixed block embeds responsiveness conflict with Fitvids script Fixed notice about malformed number format in custom-styles.php since 1.6.0 Fixed classic editor styling not working since 1.6.0 version 1.6.0 Adjusted …

Fluida 1.5.6(.1)

Changelog: v1.5.6.1 Updated Cryout Framework to v0.7.8.2: Fixed landing page sometimes ending unexpectedly while WPML is used v1.5.6 Added landing page featured icon blocks overall disable option Added support for shortcodes in custom footer text field Fixed header widgets being present on the landing page when a header image is …

Fluida 1.5.5 becomes accessible

Changelog: Added support for custom embedded fonts Added main navigation keyboard accessibility support Added mobile menu close on click/tap functionality Added hints in the customizer interface for Site Identity / Header options Improved mobile menu multi-line menu items behaviour Increased mobile menu width on smaller devices Fixed GDPR-related checkbox missing …

Kahuna Plus is more than a premium theme

Kahuna Plus is our latest premium theme and it brings with it all the features and functionality that we couldn’t include in the free version of the theme.

Some of the stand-out features are a sortable and seriously customizable landing page, portfolios, theme specific shortcodes, advanced widgets, page templates, related posts, post/page specific metas, mobile menu responsiveness breakpoint, script and analytics fields.

Fluida and Fluida Plus 1.5.4(.1)

Changelog: v1.5.4.1 Improved landing page featured boxes and text areas spacing Fixed featured icon blocks container still visible when all icon blocks are disabled v1.5.4 Fixed first content title spacing spacing above rule being too broad Fixed logo overlapping mobile menu placeholder when image wider than available width Fixed main …

Fluida 1.5.3 doubles the greatness

In line with our announcement from not long ago, Fluida is now double the greatness and twice the fun.

There is now not one but two Fluidas – the Fluida you’ve come to love and cherish and an even bigger and greater Fluida Plus which comes packing all the features and umpf you’ve been asking for all this time.

Fluida 1.5.0 storms in

We’ve experimented quite a bit and implemented all the advancements and improvements in our newer customizer-based themes, leaving Fluida slightly behind and functioning a bit differently.

The 1.5.0 update is here to bring everything in line with all the other themes, making features and options behaviour and documentation uniform across all themes and easing the maintenance task for us. This means that updating your existing site to 1.5.0 can change some things…