Fluida 0.9.5(.1/.2) stays in limbo

Fluida sighed and took a quick glimpse at the sun but soon after the storms returned. She’s now trapped on the adrift review process that seems to never reach the shores.

But not all hope is lost. Here to brighten the day a bit, an update comes to sync the world with the development process. For the full list of changes…

Fluida gets shoved back

Fluida already made it past a checkpoint, there were no “please come with me”, no “what’s in the bag?”, no strip searches, no night-long interrogations, the second checkpoint was within reach, things were starting to look bright, and then out of nowhere it happened…

There was no warning, no foretelling signs. With a simple phrase not even directed at her, Fluida got shoved all the way back to the end of the line. The bright doorway is far in the distance again…

Fluida 0.9.4(.1/.2) feels accepted

Fluida is about to become popular. She’s been approved and accepted in the WordPress.org cool group of themes and will soon join her siblings. And to celebrate this event we improved Fluida with even more fixes and additions.

We’re also working on Fluida’s own Presentation Page which should join in on the fun in a future theme update. Stay tuned!

Fluida 0.9.3(.1) glances at the end of the line

Three months and 500 queued themes later, Fluida is nearing the end of the review line and will soon enter the door into WordPress’ Theme Review virtual offices. What awaits her there – nobody knows…

However, to prepare for this, we’ve gathered up a fresh set of features and fixes in Fluida’s backpack.

Fluida 0.9.2 sheds some weight

Although lost in the theme review queue for quite a while now, Fluida wastes no time to expand and improve itself. The new update brings new options controlling main layout alignment, header widget alignment, comment form width and comments date appearance.

Other mentionable changes are the removal of all bundled font files in favour of Google Fonts and support for PHP older than 5.3. For the full list…

Fluida 0.9.1 pays attention

Fluida, our newest, latest and most recent WordPress theme pays attention in class. With all of you as its personal tutors, she’s turning out to be a real teacher’s pet. She’s doing everything she can to get on your good side, to please you in every way possible.

Find out what she’s willing to do for attention after the jump.

Fluida – our new WordPress theme is ready for download

It’s all been so quiet lately, hasn’t it? Too quiet. And calm. Well, all this calm is about to come to an end, and as calm always does, it’s about to make way to a fierce storm.

And this particular storm comes in the form of… wait for it… wait for it… a new WordPress theme! Dig into the announcement post to find out more…