Fluida 1.5.3 doubles the greatness

In line with our announcement from not long ago, Fluida is now double the greatness and twice the fun.

There is now not one but two Fluidas – the Fluida you’ve come to love and cherish and an even bigger and greater Fluida Plus which comes packing all the features and umpf you’ve been asking for all this time.

To not miss out on any extra features and functionality check out the comparison table and the theme demo.



  • Reverted heading sizes apply to main content headings only
  • Added compatibility styling for Jetpack Portfolio titles sizes in widgets
  • Fixed cover & fixed attached background images zoomed incorrectly on Safari
  • Fixed cover & fixed attached background images shaky on IEs and Edge
  • Fixed q tag missing styling


  • Added query resets to landing page custom queries
  • Added featured box titles link functionality
  • Improved accessibility for landing page block icons, boxes links and titles, edit button, read more links and back-to-top button
  • Improved ‘scroll to anchor’ functionality and extended to content and menu links
  • Changed heading sizes to only apply to main content headings only
  • Fixed duplicate classname on featured image element
  • Fixed incorrect options indication in widget areas
  • Fixed featured images opacity-based animations glitch on Chrome
  • Optimized similar translations strings in theme options


  • Re-upload of v1.5.2 due to WordPress.org repository issues


  • Added support for WooCommerce breadcrumbs
  • Added landing page icon blocks read more links
  • Added landing page sections support for WPML/Polylang localization
  • Added missing fields to WPML/Polylang wpml-config.xml file
  • Changed example static slider image and updated screenshot
  • Changed search widget, landing page icon blocks, main navigation submenus appearance
  • Changed site title to use first accent color (instead of second)
  • Improved on-page SEO
  • Improved tables styling
  • Fixed HTML markup validation warning due to empty ‘media’ attribute
  • Fixed CSS validation warnings due to empty color fields and invalid ‘default’ values
  • Fixed landing page featured page section using H1 tag for title
  • Fixed landing page featured boxes not being disable-able
  • Fixed language flag images being improperly aligned in menus
  • Updated to Cryout Framework v0.7.4


  • Fixed WooCommerce products missing styling in search results
  • Fixed quantity input being too short for double digits with WooCommerce 3.3+
  • Removed ‘defer’ loading of comments script due to conflict with Jetpack
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.