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    I have not upgraded from free to Fluida Premium yet. I understand that Related Post settings should be available ONLY in the Premium version. However, I have related Post settings available in the free version. When I viewed the Related Posts options it activated the options. I have been able to inactivate all but the “Show a headline” option. I do NOT want to view the headlines, but clearing the check box does not inactivate the setting.

    This is the same website I reported badly behaving nav bar,, which is still an issue. same issue as

    Any chance the two, related posts and nav bar issue, may be related?


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    A “related posts” feature can also be provided by a plugin which you’re using (like Jetpack).

    In that case any configuration options for that feature are part of the plugin and out of the theme’s control.

    The menu issue is not related and we believe to have fixed it in the 1.5.6 update.

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