Fluida main menu dropdowns behaving oddly

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    Fluida v1.5.5, WP v4.9.7. I’ve been working on this site off and on since Oct 2017. there were some issues sometime around February, that have, as I add and remove pages and posts, and make other changes, seem to have worked themselves out.

    the Menu bar issue is driving me a little crazy. in Firefox, when i point at a menu item that has a drop down, after i have clicked on the first couple of pages in the dropdown the links begin to not work the first time. the drop down goes up and i have to point and click a second time to go to the page i want. randomly i have to click a page several times before the page will launch.

    in Chrome the dropdown comes down, i click, the dropdown goes part way back up and then comes down again. Most of the time it does navigate to the page, but the bouncy behavior is visually very distracting. Also randomly i have to click a page several times before the page will launch. And for some reason, in chrome, i must click on Cheese (under Dining) a bunch of times before it will go to the Cheese page.

    I have cleared the WP cache, and Force Regenerated Thumbnails.

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    Yes there is a bug after updating Fluida v1.5.5 : submenu is not working properly. See posts : 1.5.5. Submenu Not Working.
    There is a temporary soltion proposed waiting a correct update, but i do not want to manipulate code of my sites (risk of crash). So i have to wait Cryout fix it as fast as possible becouse it is a serious problem.

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    Thanks, JacquesCe, for wading through my poorly written post. It must have been very late at night when I wrote it. And thanks for the update. I shall be patient.

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