Parabola 1.7(.1/.2/.3) parties hard

Parabola is in a festive mood – this week she is celebrating her third birthday since being revealed to the world – the inclusion in the themes repository came a month later in August (things were so fast back then…)

But being the responsible girl that she’s always been, Parabola 1.7.1 takes a quick break from all the cake* and drops by with another update fixing, improving and adding things.


version 1.7.3

  • Restored ability to use presentation page columns without images


  • (Failed) Resubmission of 1.7.2 due to repository publication issue

version 1.7.2

  • Fixed typo in parabola_thumbnail_link() breaking featured images

version 1.7.1

  • Optimized CSS layout and fixed several typos
  • Reverted Masonry JS localization variable from cryout_ to parabola_ to avoid overlapping
  • Updated enqueued scripts IDs from cryout_ to parabola_ to avoid overlapping
  • Removed alt attribute from post thumbnail links and removed unused third parameter $post_image_id from parabola_thumbnail_link()
  • Improved Maronry initialization (hopefully)
  • Fixed magazine layout option overlapping presentation page posts per columns option
  • Removed hidden leftover meta separator
  • Added new theme tags (and removed deprecated ones)
  • Added site title value to as header logo alt/title attributes
  • Updated all instances of the search form (searchform.php, menu hooks) and replaced IDs with classes
  • Added slider/columns border width option
Parabola is a light, sharp and highly customizable free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.