Parabola 1.6.1 follows suit

Parabola finally dares make a step beyond the line and bring an out of order update…. but only because the changes are so small that life could go on even without them at this moment.

Still, Parabola likes to keep in line with her sisters and stay updated.


  • Added presentation page usage notice when static page is set
  • Fixed WordPress 4.4.1 issue with plugin/theme notifications being moved in the Layout settings section
  • Rebranded theme to use normal R in name
  • Clarified customizer link info to indicate settings page is only available when theme is active
  • Fixed header site title to not use H1 tag when homepage is static
Parabola is a light, sharp and highly customizable free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Suddenly I can not find where to go to edit the three images and the text the lie below the main slide (show). I’ve edited it before, but now I am stumped. I’ve made some very complicated changes, yet I am lost on this basic one. And the slide show above these three slides: I need to change one of these out; I’ve never done this before, but can usually find what I need. I have found the slides, realize they need to be attached to something, but again, stumped to find that thing to attach them to. Feeling very helpless!
    Hopefully someone out there is listening. I’ve written on the support blog for half of the problem. need to go in and write up the other problem.

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