Mantra officially released

After long and painful work nights and after some minor setbacks which were out of our hands (no, we do not control WordPress… yet), Mantra, the official Riot Reactions WordPress theme has finally been approved and is now available for download. Grab it while it’s hot! 😀  

Mantra Theme submited to WordPress

We have finally submitted our Mantra Theme (v.1.0.1) to the WordPress Theme directory for review. Although we have a lot more experience now than when we submitted the Zombie Apocalypse Theme, we still expect a few things to go wrong. The Theme Review process alone usually takes around 2 weeks, …

Mantra Beta Update

Mantra has entered Beta state. So it’s almost ready for submission to the WordPress Themes Directory. We just need to test it a bit. We have over 40 admin options which we’ll keep a secret until the theme launches. We’ll also need to edit the admin section a bit because all those options on a single page could get pretty cumbersome.

Mantra development is underway

Mantra theme for WordPress the official Riot Reactions theme, which is currently still under development and will be released in the near future.