Mantra Theme submited to WordPress

We have finally submitted our Mantra Theme (v.1.0.1) to the WordPress Theme directory for review. Although we have a lot more experience now than when we submitted the Zombie Apocalypse Theme, we still expect a few things to go wrong. The Theme Review process alone usually takes around 2 weeks, and if the theme is not up to date with all the latest WordPress standards (and it probably isn’t because of all the custom options) that could take another 2 weeks.

So until then, we’ll start working on v1.5 beta where we’ll be implementing a custom CSS, colour schemes, editable full-site width, 3 columns, custom ads, excerpt options and some form of tabbed admin section with better graphics.

Mantra is a clean, highly customizable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.

One Comment

  1. Out of the bazillion themes available on WordPress, Mantra is my absolute favorite. I am an above average computer user, but yet, I have managed to stay away from CSS/website creation until now. I needed something to make a site look like I knew what I was doing 🙂 Sure, I can’t maximize the custom CSS abilities and utilize the full possibilities of editing, but I think Mantra created a professional, clean, polished image for my website, despite my shortcomings. Thank you!!!

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