Mantra 1.0.10 update

Since version 1.0.7, the version that got accepted at WordPress, we’ve had 3 small updates, all minor bugfixes, the most important being the weird category listing bug that output something like “Warning: Missing argument 2 for get_term_children()” directly into the blog. If you’re getting this error please update your Mantra Theme (version 1.0.9 actually fixed this).
Most of the bugs having been fixed we can now move on to actually adding more features.

Mantra is a clean, highly customizable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. How do I get the drop downs to display properly? I did not set up the site and do not know how to fix. If you look at our About Us and Employees tabs you will see what I mean. Will updating to the new version fix this? Thanks for your help!

  2. I’ve been translating Mantra theme to spanish, in order to use it in our Multiblog platform .

    The frontend of the theme is easy to translate with PoEdit, but the settings page is not prepared to do the same. So, I’ve done some changes in mantra-admin-functions.php file.

    In this ZIP I’ve included not only the and the es_ES.po files, but also the mantra-admin-functions.php. However, as my PHP skills are very limited, I haven’t been able to translate the drop-down list menus.

    If you think my version of mantra-admin-functions.php is useful, could you prepare the options of the dropdown menus to make them translatable?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do that. We actually just added quite a few new options to our theme and also made the settings page 100% translation ready. We are about to submit the new theme to WordPress, so the new version ( 1.1.0 ) should be available in a few days. We’ll let you know when it’s out and if you could translate the new version then we would be honored to include the Spanish translation.

  3. I’ve just started using this theme and it is much more user-friendly than other themes I’ve tried.
    Is there a way to have my Welcome Message stay at the top and the new Posts be below that? (or is that in the works) I’m new at this so please explain using small words :o) Thanks

    1. While waiting for a future version of Mantra that will integrate this as an option, you can change the theme’s width using CSS rules.
      Doing this is relatively easy and does not imply modifying any theme files (as they get replaced on update). Just install “My Custom CSS” plugin for WordPress, and configure it with the CSS rule below:
      #access .menu-header,, #colophon, #branding, #main, #wrapper {
      width: 900px !important; /* change 900 to the width you wish to set */ }

      1. Ignore my previous suggestion as it misses some content areas that also need a size change to fit the new width.
        This option is now actively worked on and will be present in the next release of the Mantra theme.

  4. Hi
    I have the same question that Emma has regarding the Font Text colors options for the Mantra Settings. It has a set of numbers, but how are we to know what the numbers represent? How do we assign colors for the Font Texts?

    1. The numbers represent HTML colour codes (eg:
      As there is not way to set the header text colours in the current version, you’ll need to either modify the theme’s style.css file manually (but be careful as it gets replaced on theme update), or use a separate plugin as “My Custom CSS” to define your own CSS styling rules which override the theme’s.

    1. Well… you don’t 🙂
      That is a problem and we are aware of it since it was introduced with a javascript library change/update in WordPress 3.2. It’s just that we haven’t got around to fixing it (with the little vacation and the extra work we had lately). But we will get busy fixing it and we’ll include it in the next release of the Mantra theme.

  5. hi there, first of all, very nice theme, like it very much. i got one problem, dunno if i dont find the option or whatever… the theme displays my articles fully even if i check the option that it shouldnt… thanks in advance!

  6. I just downloaded Mantra and want to know if there is a place to change the font colour in the header text. It does not show up against my header image.

    It seems I can change the colour of everything else except that.

    1. I also can’t hide the titles of created pages.

      I have created a static front page and while I want the tab at the top that you click on to get there to say “Home”, I do not want it to say “Home” at the top of the page content.

      1. The title and description color option will be implemented in the next update (if that’s what you mean by header text).
        As for the page titles, did you use the admin option to hide page titles without any results?
        Also, it would help us a lot if you’d give us a link to your site.

  7. Love the theme, thanks!

    One small issue – I don’t seem to be able to add hyperlinks to pages through the visual interface (it zaps out to edit.php when I hit update. Also, nothing appears at all in the ‘link to existing content’ section. Not a huge issue as I can temporarily change back to stock theme, or use the html editor to add internal links, but still 🙂

  8. Does the Mantra theme support the post thumbnail on the homepage area? I was planning to post excerpts of my blog posts on my homepage with thumbnails on it. I updated scripts based on some forums but it seems this theme doesn’t support it.

  9. Is it possible to make my custom header image the same width of the page? The theme only allows for 900 x 200, which shorter than the width or the page. Thanks!

      1. What WordPress and theme versions are you using?
        This is the weirdest issue that has been reported, as it occurs for some users but not for others. We are currently working on finding the root of the problem…

        1. Did you ever solve this Post Settings issue? I want to hide the author and time, but keep date and categories. The settings don’t do anything. Using Mantra 1.5.7 and WordPress 3.2.1 on a self-hosted site.

  10. I am also answering here to provide an answer for anybody else having the same question.

    One way of adding a linkedin button in Mantra right now is to replace one of the three existing buttons.
    The image that need to be modified to replace a button is “wp-content/themes/mantra/images/mantra_socials.png”.
    Then the link can be inserted in the replaced item’s field on the admin side.

    Just keep in mind the image file will get restored when updating the theme so it will need to be re-replaced.

    But we’ll try to get the linkedin button implemented in a future version of Mantra.

  11. Thanks so much for this lovely and adaptable theme. My site was in serious need of a makeover and you’ve come up with a great new look for someone with lots of pages and information.

    Quick question: would it be possible to have a LinkedIn button up by the RSS feed?
    Thanks again.

  12. hi, is it possible to add another sidebar on the right? i understand html and some css, and would love to be able to do so. my blog link is above, would appreciate any help! thanks!

    1. This is not currently possible as the theme supports only one sidebar (or no sidebar at all).
      This is a scheduled improvement of the theme, but I do not yet know how soon it can be done.

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