Mantra 1.0.12 update

After a gruesome wait of 8 days (these WordPress approval people can sometimes be terribly slow), the latest Mantra release of 1.0.12 is now being dispatched from the WordPress themes directory.

This is a maintenance release, fixing a couple of bugs found since 1.0.10 came out:

  • Fixed the Social buttons animation incompatibility with WordPress 3.2(.1)
  • Added Title and Description color selectors
  • Fixed some IE compatibility issues in the admin section
  • Fixed a few padding differences that occurred in Chrome and Safari browsers
  • Corrected the position for the tag-cloud widget
  • Corrected a few minor typos in the admin section

Over 10 new admin options will be found in the future Mantra version that is getting its final polish as we write these lines. The highlight attractions will be the total width selector, the 100% translation-ready admin section and the brand new post excerpt options. Stay tuned.

Mantra is a clean, highly configurable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi,

    I think this is an excellent theme that just needs a few minor fixes and additions.

    1. Add an option to disable the mantra_bullet.png from always showing up.

    #content ul li {
    background: url(images/mantra_bullet.png) 0px 10px no-repeat;

    2. Fix the Custom Header so it’s not offset by 20px

    3. Add a rounded edge to the custom header like the rest of the images

    4. Add an option to disable the rounded edges.

    Many thanks,

    1. The first two ‘suggestions’ were fixed in version 1.5.3. The last two we’ll implement in a future version (1.5.4. is already submitted to WordPress … so probably 1.5.5).

      And we’ve seen your post in the WordPress forum and have received the email containing the same info as your comment. Thanks fot the feedback.

      1. I just installed the new version 😀 Things are looking better. I thought you didn’t receive the requests by the other methods because there was no follow up. Thanks for informing me now. Keep up the good work 😀

    1. We are still looking into this one. Try disabling all other plugins and see what happens. Also, try setting to Hide every option in the Post Information Settings. Let us know what happens.

  2. Hello! I hope this is the correct place to ask this, but before coming to this site, I wasn’t even aware that the social media buttons on Mantra were animated, because they aren’t being animated properly on my site. How can I fix this, please? Thanks!

        1. A forced refresh, achieved by pressing Ctrl and F5 simultaneously in the browser window (works in most browsers, if not all) is a simpler alternative to clearing the cache 🙂

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