Mantra officially released

After long and painful work nights and after some minor setbacks which were out of our hands (no, we do not control WordPress… yet), Mantra, the official Riot Reactions WordPress theme has finally been approved and is now available for download.

Grab it while it’s hot! 😀



  1. Well, it sure does change it for me 🙂 Other browsers- same. And of course, I have few plugins installed, but none that manages the admin look. At least not that I know of. Where and in which .php file or css file can I find this setting? I”ll try to change it by hand.

  2. I just felt the need to drop by and leave my words of appreciation for your wonderful work, Mr. Kay. I was in need of a theme which looks very clean yet elegant, and a good typography. Thanks to you I’ve returned back to blogging; the fresh new theme gives my content more focus and neatness in terms of spacing and alignment. I love how you’ve given the flexibility to choose font set and colors and various other customization options, including resizing of the columns. I’m very happy with your efforts and although it’s not feasible for me to offer any donations, I however wish you all the best with Mantra! Hope to see more people adopting it, and hope for more themes coming in from you =) Thanks again.

  3. Hi guys. First of all, thanks for the theme, by the way its one of the few ones that look good AND work with wp-property plugin properly. The problem I have is that the background of admin page is grey, (looks like 333333 to me) and I cant read most of the text I get there. As for now, I highlight the part Iam reading, but probably there is a better solution 🙂 Thanks

  4. Just installed Mantra, it’s wonderful.

    Just a quick question — is there a way to edit the CSS so that the tagcloud has various sizes included based upon the usage of the tags? I liked that effect in other themes, but in Mantra, all the links are the same size.

  5. I’m setting up a new site using the Mantra theme (It looks great!), but I have a probably silly question: How do I turn off THIS box, the “Leave a Reply” section, on my pages? Thanks.

  6. I’ve updated to 1.0.9. I like the theme overall – very solid and I’m glad to see you responding and releasing updates. I hope you can help me with my issue. Despite setting “Post Information Settings” – “Post Author” to “hide” on the Mantra Settings, the post author still displays. I have no need for this right now as it’s a single-author site. Any help? Thanks!

      1. I just tried hiding everything in the post information settings, one by one. None of them responded and all still show. Under graphics settings, I did set the ‘title and description’ to hide and that works fine.

        1. It’s a weird thing that happens there. On most installations the post settings work without any problems. We’ll fix the issue and have an update ready in no time.

  7. I am trying to use the Mantra theme and get the following error when I click on category…
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for get_term_children()

    When I googled this, I found a number of wordpress sites all using Mantra with the same error…

    Any chance you can take a look and release a fix?

    Many thanks!

  8. Also hoping this is the correct place to ask a question. I’ve created the menu/category tabs at the top of of my blog, and *thought* that putting subcategories under the top level parent categories would create the hover-drop down list for each like I see in this blog, but that’s not happening. What am I missing to be able to create that?

    Also, is there a way that a new post in a specific category can be made to ONLY update under that category tab, and not in the main blog?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Did you create a menu in WordPress with items and sub-items? Did you set it as Mantra’s main menu? If yes, could you post your website URL so we can take a look at how the menu is displayed?
      I am not sure I understood your second question correctly, but if what you wish to accomplish is not display certain posts on homepage (leaving them visible in their category page only), this can be accomplished by using the WP Hide Post plugin (to name one).

      1. Thank you for the reply. I do not see that I have the option to create sub items from the “menus” option in the dashboard for the theme. Perhaps I am not looking in the correct place?

        What I did was to create a menu using categories I specified. You can see what I’ve done here:

        1. Menus are done from WordPress’ “Menus” page (Appearance > Menus) then you select that menu as Mantra’s menu. From there you should be able to create the top level items of the menu as well as sub(-sub-sub….)-menu (drop down) items. Subcategories do not appear in the menu automatically (at far as i know), you need to add them as (sub-)items in the menu.
          Menu and submenu items in WordPress can also point to pages or custom urls, not just (sub)categories.

  9. Hi…I don’t know if this is the place to ask a question but I’m trying out the Mantra theme right right and it’s awesome. The only issue I have is that the theme is too wide for my screen. I have to scroll to the right to see the sidebar. Is this normal and is yes is there anything I could do to make it fit my screen exactly? Tried it with different browsers (even this site right now) and its all the same.

    1. Although the content and sidebars widths can be configured as wished, the overall theme width is currently fixed at 1100px. Making the total theme width customizable is an option scheduled for a future release of Mantra.

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