Fluida 0.9.4(.1/.2) feels accepted

Fluida is about to become popular. She’s been approved and accepted in the WordPress.org cool group of themes and will soon join her siblings. And to celebrate this event we improved Fluida with even more fixes and additions.

We’re also working on Fluida’s own Presentation Page which should join in on the fun in a future theme update. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed main menu extra top padding on medium screens (since 0.9.3)
  • Fixed header image alignment on left non-contained layout (since 0.9.3)
  • Fixed the fixed menu cutoff to left on contained layouts (since 0.9.3)
  • Fixed masonry negative margins creating horizontal scrollbar on medium screens
  • Improved main/pad-container margins for for masonry
  • Added socials in mobile menu for small devices (and removed from header)
  • Further mobile optimizations

  • Escaped support URLs with esc_url_raw


  • Removed duplicate static HTML5Shiv inclusion in header (as it was already enqueued)
  • Moved hardcoded GooglePlus profile script to enqueue (with defer/async filter)
  • Corrected WordPress name formatting in all theme strings
  • Fixed cryout_schema_microdata() call in author info page HTML
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.