Fluida 0.9.2 sheds some weight

Although lost in the theme review queue for quite a while now, Fluida wastes no time to expand and improve itself. The new update brings new options controlling main layout alignment, header widget alignment, comment form width and comments date appearance.

Other mentionable changes are the removal of all bundled font files in favour of support (and presets) for Google Fonts – this helps Fluida drop a couple of MB in size and gives us room to add other features – and support for PHP older than 5.3.

If you’ve downloaded the theme from our site before you should soon see the update notification in your dashboard.


  • Fixed padding for widgets missing on mobile
  • Fixed leftover text domain in widget areas
  • Fixed usage of code incompatible with PHP < 5.3 in includes/core.php
  • Fixed header widget area invisible when header image is responsive
  • Removed bundled fonts in favor of Google fonts (to reduce theme size)
  • Added new main layout alignment option
  • Extended header widget area width option with 100% value
  • Added header widget area alignment option
  • Improved post featured images to center-align if too small to fill area
  • Fixed apostrophe usage in style.css description
  • Added ‘time ago’ option for comments
  • Added maximum width option for comment form
  • Fixed duplicate id both from <li> and <header> in includes/comments.php
  • Fixed author.php closing <section> instead of <div>
  • Fixed empty strings with text domain
  • Fixed leftover hardcoded theme name in cryout/back-compat.php
  • Fixed leftover hardcoded theme name in cryout/admin-functions.php
  • Removed unused AJAX backend code from includes/core.php
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.

One Comment

  1. @Zed and Cryout Team,

    It’s a great theme, but there are two glaring errors at the moment.

    1) Mobile is still very incomplete. The header goes off the side of the screen.

    2) Featured images are a mess. I would love a version with thumbnails next to each post in a magazine layout as the featured image, like a great deal of other traditional blogs.

    Right now, using Fluida basically requires creating custom featured images for each post that are 1920×200. This is NOT a good solution and it really hinders the theme.

    Using other sizes results in awkward giant grey areas or oddly cropped “headers images.”

    Like I said, I have been baffled by this implementation since it started. .9.1 was a good improvement from .9 in this area, but you can’t polish a…well…you know.

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