Fluida 0.9.1 pays attention

Fluida, our newest, latest and most recent WordPress theme pays attention in class. With all of you as its personal tutors, she’s turning out to be a real teacher’s pet. She’s doing everything she can to get on your good side, to please you in every way possible. And that means change, whether it’s in the form of fixes, additions or re-imaginings, change is the key word here.

And among this version’s biggest changes, the header image and featured images are now fully responsive by default but there’s also an option to make them cropped and pan on hover (like they did in version 0.9). Check it out and let us know what you think. We also rearranged the breadcrumbs, fixed the menu arrows on right-to-left installations, fixed the layout for custom post types, modified the comment form’s appearance and more. Check it all out in the changelog.

While the theme is still awaiting WordPress review, you can download it from our site then use the semi-manual installation procedure to install it.


  • Fixed breadcrumbs on page templates (moved breadcrumbs back under the header)
  • Fixed menu to display the default arrow on no-link menu items
  • Updated FitVids to version 1.1
  • Finished readme.txt contents
  • Added a new screenshot
  • Fixed news in the theme’s info page
  • Rearranged breadcrumbs, main menu search, footer search and comment form placeholder hooks
  • Fixed one column magazine layout being too wide
  • Fixed breadcrumbs responsiveness
  • Fixed custom post type articles missing background color and padding
  • Fixed menu arrows on RTL
  • Added customizer settings for header and featured images: responsive/cropped (responsive is default)
  • Removed background color for comment forms, added hover and focus effects
  • Removed padding for fieldset and label
  • Resized default header images to 1920 x 250px
  • Added theme version parameter to backend script/style enqueues (to help with caching issues)
  • Fixed comments closed text option not working on pages
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hey Team,

    Great improvements to the theme. Featured images and headers make sense now and I see you updated the input buttons.

    Overall there is just one major change I think that needs to be added, which is the capability of having separate color settings for menu links and backgrounds, so that you can have a dark header for instance and change the text to white without altering the entire color scheme.

    Basically, there needs to be some more customization of colors because at the moment you only have two, producing a mandatory all-white theme with only one accent color.

    Other than that great theme. But this would really take the theme to the next level.

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