Fluida 0.9.7 feels like a brand new theme

At first glance Fluida 0.9.7 may seem like just another regular theme update. Some fixes here, some improvements there, maybe a couple of new features in between.

But if you’ll take even a quick look at the changelog, more specifically at its sheer length, you’ll quickly realize there’s something more sinister going on.

New site and other goodies

Our site has received a major overhaul. It has a brand new look, a new static front page, new theme pages and a lot more.

Everything is a lot more user friendly and things like support and theme information are a lot easier to find. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Fluida is finally live on WordPress.org

Just like the title says, the wait is finally over. You can now find our latest theme Fluida on WordPress.org as well as auto-install it directly from your dashboard.

It took a little longer than expected but the result is what matters after all.

Fluida 0.9.5(.1/.2) stays in limbo

Fluida sighed and took a quick glimpse at the sun but soon after the storms returned. She’s now trapped on the adrift review process that seems to never reach the shores.

But not all hope is lost. Here to brighten the day a bit, an update comes to sync the world with the development process. For the full list of changes…

Fluida gets shoved back

Fluida already made it past a checkpoint, there were no “please come with me”, no “what’s in the bag?”, no strip searches, no night-long interrogations, the second checkpoint was within reach, things were starting to look bright, and then out of nowhere it happened…

There was no warning, no foretelling signs. With a simple phrase not even directed at her, Fluida got shoved all the way back to the end of the line. The bright doorway is far in the distance again…

Fluida 0.9.4(.1/.2) feels accepted

Fluida is about to become popular. She’s been approved and accepted in the WordPress.org cool group of themes and will soon join her siblings. And to celebrate this event we improved Fluida with even more fixes and additions.

We’re also working on Fluida’s own Presentation Page which should join in on the fun in a future theme update. Stay tuned!