Fluida gets shoved back

Fluida already made it past a checkpoint, there were no “please come with me”, no “what’s in the bag?”, no strip searches, no night-long interrogations, the second checkpoint was within reach, things were starting to look bright, and then out of nowhere it happened…

There was no warning, no foretelling signs. With a simple phrase not even directed at her, Fluida got shoved all the way back to the end of the line. The bright doorway is far in the distance again…


  • Fixed unwanted header container margin when fixed menu is used and admin bar is visible
  • Added table border styles option
  • Fixed customizer maximize button overlapping WP 4.5 device buttons
  • Added WordPress 4.5 site logo support * you will need to re-set the logo in options after updating
  • Fixed unwanted scrollbars on ads in sidebar
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