Fluida 1.0.0 is too good to be true

Fluida Demo
Fluida Demo


  • Added a brand new landing page complete with static image/slider shortcode, featured icon blocks, featured boxes and text areas ! The new landing page is enabled by default and will display random content from your site. You can customize this content (or turn it off entirely) from the theme’s Customizer options panels !
  • Replaced page templates with custom post metas for page layouts – this will need to be re-set for pages previously using a custom layout template
  • Merged the mobile styling (styles/responsive.css) with the main style (style.css)
  • Reordered, functionified and optimized theme’s JavaScript (frontend.js)
  • Added structure, options and defaults filters for child themes
  • Removed before/after content widget areas columns under responsiveness
  • Fixed branding transition missing when main menu was fixed
  • Fixed article animation on scroll and also made it work as expected on mobile
  • Fixed breadcrumbs and headers on search pages not staying in sync with magazine layout setting
  • Changed default headings font to “Open Sans Condensed” and size 130% (from “Open Sans” and size 120%)
  • Changed default menu size from 100% to 105% ( also decreased menu font size option steps from 10% to 5%)
  • Changed “with-masonry” body class to “fluida-with-masonry”
  • Changed references from the old ‘settings page’ to ‘settings panel’
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


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