Fluida is finally live on WordPress.org

Just like the title says, the wait is finally over. You can now find our latest theme Fluida on WordPress.org as well as auto-install it directly from your dashboard. It took a little longer than expected but the result is what matters after all.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback, constructive criticism and feature requests. In the meanwhile we’re working on adding a neat Presentation Page to Fludia, fully equipped with customizable slider and boxes. Stay tuned for future updates.

You’ll always find the latest version of Fluida here and for updates and more info make sure to check our Fluida theme page.



  • Removed import/export settings from admin area
  • Added second textdomain support for WordPress’ language packs (also deleted languages folder under cryout and removed redundant loading of text domains in admin area)
  • Fixed Masonry JS error (removed ‘async’ attribute when loading scripts on the frontend)
  • Social links in the header/footer area are now turned off by default
  • Removed ‘Debug info’ section from the admin area
  • Removed social links (and respective scripts) from the admin area
  • Renamed ‘Latest News’ section in admin to ‘Theme Updates’
  • Removed temporary autoupdater call in cryout/framework.php
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Kay, it is beautiful. Thank you! I am trying to get a bit under the hood to figure out how to create a title, and links in a widget, and hopefully shrink the width of a widget a bit more than the 200 px limit. Nonetheless, those are small things compared with the amazing beauty and ease of your theme! Many deep and wonderful blessings! http://blissfulmovement.com . 🙂 Sadhya

  2. Thank you greatly. My question is, how do I make it so the side bars wait longer before disappearing when someone reduces the size of the window. They seem to jump to the bottom after the window is reduced by only a few pixels. Thanks!

  3. How do i exclude Posts from an entire Category within the Index in Fluida?

    I tried it with a Code-Snippet that i got in the past, but it doesn’t worked. And why is there no functions.php within the Theme?

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