Fluida 0.9.7 feels like a brand new theme

fluida-out-thereOur latest WordPress theme just got an update. And at first glance Fluida 0.9.7 may seem like just another regular theme update. Some fixes here, some improvements there, maybe a couple of new features in between.

You know, the usual suspects.

But if you’ll take even a quick look at the changelog,  more specifically at its sheer length, you’ll quickly realize there’s something more sinister going on.

A deeper, darker meaning to unfold. Some fundamental truths- hidden in plain sight.

We can’t tell you much but what we can say is that while Fuida was waiting in the review queue, we’ve been doing a lot of theme soul searching. And we’ve learned a lot in the process, and it changed our very essence, and what we’ve become… you cannot… it…

And all that is reflected in this latest update.

You may not see much change by looking just at the front-end of the theme but deep down, at code level, or even below that- at soul level, everything has changed. And that means a better theme overall: increased plugin compatibility, optimized performance, better search engine optimization, WordPress future-proof code, an easier and more natural user experience.

But here’s the changelog, before they get a chance to…



  • Optimized PHP and HTML code to follow standards
  • Optimized CSS layout to follow standards
  • Cleaned up post format files
  • Cleaned up header.php and fixed header image display, comments.php, content.php, single.php, search.php, 404.php
  • Cleaned up content-* files
  • Redesigned attachment.php as image.php
  • Merged author.php, tag.php, category.php into archive.php (and split author info to author-bio.php)
  • Added new WordPress.org theme tags (and removed deprecated ones)
  • Added normalized tags option (on by default)
  • Added post formats to breadcrumbs
  • Added base font name to Google fonts enqueue (when custom weights are used)
  • Added .icon-chat (same as .icon-quote) for the chat post format
  • Added color transition to post format and meta icons
  • Improved Continue Reading button visual style
  • Improved round corners option to apply to the correct elements (#toTop, a.continue-reading-button, .page-numbers, .page-header, span.entry-format)
  • Fixed author and date microformats
  • Fixed one-column page template breadcrumbs position
  • Switched to using proper the_title() call (with arguments)
  • Renamed registered image sizes
  • Removed leftover check for site title HTML tag and post/page titles
  • Removed async from script filter (causes issues with Masonry)
  • Removed round corners from back-to-top button
  • Removed unused /resources/patterns folder
  • Moved entry_meta_format_hook after content title (and resized format meta icons)
  • Moved side header padding to inner element
  • Moved cryout_schema_microdata() to framework and added imageObject
  • Updated theme URL for new site
  • Updated theme news feed URL for new site structure
  • Restored proper order of theme panels/sections in the Customizer
  • Changed default content font size to 16px (from 18px)
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.