Anima 1.2.0 taps along

Changelog: Added support for custom embedded fonts Added main navigation keyboard accessibility support Added mobile menu close on click/tap functionality Added hints in the customizer interface for Site Identity / Header options Improved label hiding option to only apply to default comment form fields Improved mobile menu multi-line menu items …

Kahuna Plus is more than a premium theme

Kahuna Plus is our latest premium theme and it brings with it all the features and functionality that we couldn’t include in the free version of the theme.

Some of the stand-out features are a sortable and seriously customizable landing page, portfolios, theme specific shortcodes, advanced widgets, page templates, related posts, post/page specific metas, mobile menu responsiveness breakpoint, script and analytics fields.

Anima 1.1.4

Changelog: Added featured box titles link functionality Added compatibility styling for Jetpack Portfolio titles sizes in widgets Improved scroll-to-anchor functionality Improved accessibility for landing page block icons, boxes links and titles, edit button, read more links and back-to-top button Improved first content title spacing before Improved landing page icon blocks …

Anima 1.1.2/.3

Changelog: v1.1.3 Fixed liliputian sizes for landing page titles in v1.1.2 v1.1.2 Added support for WooCommerce breadcrumbs Added landing page sections support for WPML/Polylang localization Added landing page options visibility dependencies checks Added landing page icon blocks read more links Added missing fields to WPML/Polylang wpml-config.xml file Improved on-page SEO …

Anima 1.1(.0/.1) has imagination

Changelog: version 1.1.1 Improved compatibility of dark color schemes with Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin’s editor styling Added all weight values for the typography options Fixed comments block being visible on landing page featured page Fixed cropped featured images functionality after previous srcset changes version 1.1.0 Fixed theme styling overlapping Serious …

Fluida Plus – even more than a premium theme

You might have noticed a slow down in our Fluida updates release cycle in last months. You might have also noticed that we took a bit longer than usual to fix some small issues that were quite annoying for some. You needn’t start worry, we haven’t given up, we haven’t forgotten Fluida, no need to pack your bags and move to a different theme just yet.

The reason for the delays is actually a very simple one: for the last few months we’ve been drinking our coffee in big secret and been covertly working on an even greater and better Fluida. And what best time to reveal our secret project than on Fluida’s second birthday!

Today we’re happy to indulge everyone with a sneak preview to Fluida’s evil bigger twin sister – introducing Fluida Plus theme for WordPress!

Anima 1.0.3 is full of color

Changelog: Fixed extra space under menu when main menu is set to fixed and on top of header image with boxed layout when no header image is set Adjusted static slider caption margin and padding to fix missing background on caption container Fixed fixed menu missing background color on mobile …

Anima 1.0.2 styles the slides

Changelog: Added integrated styling for our Serious Slider plugin ***requires Serious Slider v1.0 Renamed $animas variables to be more generic Fixed editor styling option not controlling style.css enqueue Fixed featured boxes not deactivating by setting the category to ‘disabled’ Fixed dropdown menu width issue in Chrome with very short menu …

Anima 1.0.1 is reader friendly

Changelog: Revamped single post previous/next buttons Changed article markup to improve search engine readability (separated actual article content from article extra information) Changed comment headers to ‘footer’ elements Changed author bio div to ‘section’ element Updated to Cryout Framework 0.6.6