Anima 0.9.3 is an all-rounder



  • Fixed featured image animation leftover background
  • Added header links and metas hover effects
  • Clarified landing page activation requirements in the customize panel
  • Improved header video support and fixed header height on non-homepage sections
  • Further improved responsiveness
  • Removed font-size reset
  • Restored default quotes on q tag
  • Adjusted fixed post navigation colours/opacity
  • Removed main search border radius in conjunction with menu over image layout
  • Added height to the header-image-main-inside container for cropped header image
  • Adjusted the footer widget area description
  • Updated to Cryout Framework 0.6.5+


  • Added option to show the site title and tagline on the home page (when the landing page is disabled)
  • Fixed breadcrumbs offset in header titles
  • Fixed inconsistent content padding on mobile
  • Fixed sidebars responsiveness
  • Updated translations
Anima is a highly customizable WordPress theme created for both personal and business sites. For more info check out the theme's page.


    1. Anima is currently in the review stages for repository approval. You can follow the progress here.

      We make a habit of starting our theme version numbers from 0.9 so that we reach 1.0 once the theme is approved.

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