Anima 1.0.2 styles the slides


  • Added integrated styling for our Serious Slider plugin ***requires Serious Slider v1.0
  • Renamed $animas variables to be more generic
  • Fixed editor styling option not controlling style.css enqueue
  • Fixed featured boxes not deactivating by setting the category to ‘disabled’
  • Fixed dropdown menu width issue in Chrome with very short menu items
  • Fixed static slider caption container being displayed when no static slider caption fields are used
  • Adjusted static slider CTA buttons styling to be more generic
  • Increased content headers line-height to 1.2
  • Fixed author pages displaying empty biographical area


Anima is a highly customizable WordPress theme created for both personal and business sites. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Following last update, buttons on landing page static slider changed color (from white to black, inhereted from content background). How can I change back to white buttons with black content background? Thanks alot.

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