Cryout Medussa quick update

CR2 Medussa for OpenCart war renamed to Cryout Medussa and received a cosmetic update improving the overall look of products, lists and prices and two new configurable options:
– Products Per Row – defines the number of products to be displayed per row on product list pages (variable on the presence or absence of sidebars)
– Footer About column – adds a separate entirely editable “About” text section in the footer (with support for 30 social icons)

CR2 Medussa theme for OpenCart released

Medussa (despite its name) is a very clean, polished theme with an almost flat (metro-like) interface, great usability and slick animations (without actually turning into Windows 8).

Main colours are: Blue, Gray, White; but fear not, they are all configurable through the theme’s integrated administration module.

CR2 DarkShine released / CR2 Shine updated

No, we’re not gone. We’re not even on vacation. We’ve been busy hunting for bugs, but in the meantime we managed to get a few things done. So we are glad to announce a new OpenCart 1.5.2 theme (right in time for the 1.5.3 update, yay!) – CR2 DarkShine – …

CR2 Toolshed update – new customization options

The new versions 1.50(.1513) (for OC 1.5.1 through of the CR2 Toolshed theme for Opencart  comes with a complete administration plugin which allows control over 8 design options and full control over the main menu content: Customizable site width – 900 to 1460 px Customizable left/right columns width – …

CR2 Shine theme released

And our new themes spree continues… We are also releasing a dark OpenCart theme: CR2 Shine. Stylish and fashionable, the Shine theme sets a soft dark tone with its glossy graphics and beautiful animations. The design plays with lights, shadows and reflections creating a unique browsing experience. Main colors: Black, …

CR2 Toolshed theme released

We are proud to release a new theme today, CR2 Toolshed theme. Toolshed is a classical light design, suitable for any store. Main colours are gray, blue and white. You need to enable the Categories module to display categories. This theme was designed for stores that feature a large number …

AdminGray and AdminNoir

AdminGray is a slightly modified admin theme for OpenCart. It replaces the default blue-colored menus and bars with more stylish gray-black ones. We created it as a companion for our already released “Weed” and “Default-Black” themes and the “Horrify” theme series. AdminGray can be downloaded from OpenCart Themes Directory.   …