CR2 Toolshed update – new customization options

The new versions 1.50(.1513) (for OC 1.5.1 through of the CR2 Toolshed theme for Opencart  comes with a complete administration plugin which allows control over 8 design options and full control over the main menu content:

  • Customizable site width – 900 to 1460 px
  • Customizable left/right columns width – 160 to 250px
  • Customizable product box width and customizable product count per row – display 3, 4 or 5 products per row
  • Customizable footer text (in place of the Powered by Opencart link)
  • Fully customizable HTML partners links/logos row in the footer
  • The two footer link rows can be enabled/disabled, replaced with custom HTML or set to display the user menu.
  • Fully customizable main menu (featuring in-house technology also used in our CR2 Alter Menu Module):
    1. Choose displaying Categories, User Menu or Information pages with or without custom defined menu links or display custom menu links alone
    2. All custom menu links are localizable to each of the store’s languages

The theme is available for a limited time offer at the launch price of $14,45 at OpenCart’s Themes Directory

V1.5 Preview
Design Options
Main Menu Options