CR2 Medussa theme for OpenCart released

Summer is usually a time for holidays and vacations…. but not for us. We’re not your usual “play around in the sun” kind of guys. During the summer we hide indoors under the nice cool air conditioning and let our minds roam free and create.

Out of those (sick) free minds comes our latest OpenCart creation: Medussa.

Medussa (despite its name) is a very clean, polished theme with an almost flat (metro-like) interface, great usability and slick animations (without actually turning into Windows 8).

Main colours are: Blue, Gray, White; but fear not, they are all configurable through the theme’s integrated administration module, so you could simply turn the blue Medussa into a red Medussa (commie?)

The theme features an extra configuration module, allowing the following customizations:

  • choose from a whole list of background patterns (or even add your own)
  • configurable main colours
  • configurable header height
  • configurable site width
  • configurable footer and powered by texts


The theme is available for purchase in OpenCart’s themes directory.

Medussa Homepage
Medussa Product Page
Product Page
Administration Module
Administration Module