Extensions updates for OpenCart 1.5.5.x

Today we are announcing the first round of compatibility updates to some of our extensions for the latest OpenCart versions: 1.5.5 and

The following extensions have either been tested and deemed to work correctly or have been updated: Default-Black theme, Bloody-Black theme, CR2 Alter Menu module. CR2 Grid Enabler module, CR2 HTML Module (Pro) module

Default-Black and Bloody-Black updated for OpenCart 1.5.2 and 1.5.3

We’ve finally got around to updating another set of dark OpenCart themes, Default-Black and Bloody-Black, so they now work on OpenCart 1.5.2(.x) and 1.5.3(.x).

We’ve recreated them from scratch using a new structure that should allow us to more easily keep them updated in the future. Due to this new structure, they now depend on the “default” theme and require it to be left installed.

Maintenance update for Default-Black

Our Default-Black theme for Opencart 1.5 has received an update today, addressing mostly some aesthetics improvements and minor changes in layout and design. This update is for the OC 1.5.1.x branch only, as we are no longer supporting the “hidden public beta” 1.5.0.x and the older 1.4.

Updates for OpenCart 1.5.1

New releases out today, updated to support OpenCart 1.5.1 and Default-Black Theme, CR2 HTML Module and CR2 HTML Module Pro As an extra, the CR2 HTML Module Pro includes a new feature: support for automatically styled and coloured boxes (dark, blue, red, green and yellow), useful for quickly displaying …

CR2 HTML Module and Default-Black Updates

CR2 HTML Module has been updated today to version 1.5a. The new features include: a new “bordereless” setting – the ability to completely turn off OpenCart’s default module HTML wrapping, so the module will suit images and custom layout boxes perfectly. support for separate user-defined classnames for each position where …

Default-Black updated for OpenCart 1.5

We are glad to announce that we have updated the ‘Default-Black’ theme to be compatible with OpenCart 1.5. Demo for OC 1.5: http://demos.cryoutcreations.eu/opencart/default-black/ The theme can be downloaded for free from OpenCart’s Themes Directory.