CR2 DarkShine released / CR2 Shine updated

No, we’re not gone. We’re not even on vacation. We’ve been busy hunting for bugs, but in the meantime we managed to get a few things done.

So we are glad to announce a new OpenCart 1.5.2 theme (right in time for the 1.5.3 update, yay!) – CR2 DarkShine – and an update for CR2 Shine for the same OpenCart version.

CR2 DarkShine is a stylish and fashionable soft dark tone theme with glossy graphics and beautiful animations. The design plays with lights, shadows and reflections creating a unique browsing experience.
Main colors: Black, Gray, White, Gold Yellow (by default)

The theme features an extra configuration module, allowing the following customization:

  •   choose from 5 different background images
  •   configurable link text and mouse-over link text colours
  •   configurable header height
  •   configurable site width
  •   editable extra footer text/html
  •   editable powered by text


The theme is available for purchase at OpenCart’s themes directory.


Product page
Customization module