How to disable WordPress comments

We’ve been getting tons of questions about disabling (or hiding or turning off, however you wanna call it) comments on pages or posts. And although replying to all of you in detail would be entertaining as hell, we thought it would be better to write a quick tutorial about it.

Just remember, this is not theme related; turning off comments is a WordPress feature that’s just a bit hidden at first and not very well documented. It will work no matter what theme you’re using although I don’t see why anyone would use any other themes than our own.

Mantra Beta Update

Mantra has entered Beta state. So it’s almost ready for submission to the WordPress Themes Directory. We just need to test it a bit. We have over 40 admin options which we’ll keep a secret until the theme launches. We’ll also need to edit the admin section a bit because all those options on a single page could get pretty cumbersome.

New home

As we’re creating more themes for different platforms we decided to put them all into one place. The Zombie Apocalypse …