1.30 the solid and future plans

Not much has been added in this version, just a few small touches and fixes plus an option to have transparent tables.. that’s tables without any background color, borders or mouse over effects.

This is what we’re working on right now so we can make this WordPress theme as complete as possible:

  • The Custom CSS we’ve been mentioning for a while now
  • More Page Templates (left / right sidebar.. maybe 2 sidebars at the same time)
  • Custom Gadgets
  • Custom header right image (not the main image but the hand). We want to give you the possibility to add your own transparent image there.

We’re also interested in hearing what upgardes or changes you’d like for the Zombie Apocalypse Theme.

Zombie Apocalypse Theme Zombie Apocalypse is a dark, "B" style horror movie inspired WordPress theme by Cryout Creations with lots of blood and gore. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Nice to see that work is going on. I will translate this theme to german and hope u will make it it even better in future. If things are coming to my mind, i will let u know.

    Regards Benni

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