How to disable WordPress comments

We’ve been getting tons of questions about disabling (or hiding or turning off, however you wanna call it) comments on pages or posts. And although replying to all of you in detail would be entertaining as hell, we thought it would be better to write a quick tutorial about it.

Just remember, this is not theme related; turning off comments is a WordPress feature that’s just a bit hidden at first and not very well documented. It will work no matter what theme you’re using although I don’t see why anyone would use any other themes than our own.

Mantra Theme submited to WordPress

We have finally submitted our Mantra Theme (v.1.0.1) to the WordPress Theme directory for review. Although we have a lot more experience now than when we submitted the Zombie Apocalypse Theme, we still expect a few things to go wrong. The Theme Review process alone usually takes around 2 weeks, …

20,000 Zombie Apocalypses

Yap! We’ve reached this beautiful round number of downloads. We couldn’t tell you exactly how many people are using the Zombie Apocalypse Theme for WordPpess, but we can tell you that over 20,000 have downloaded and tried it so far. Thank you vey much! Let’s keep the zombies comming…