How to use the presentation page columns

Note: These instructions apply to Tempera and Nirvana.

Tempera introduced a new way of defining presentation page columns contents. This new method allows for an infinite number of columns (and hopefully better support for translation plugins).

The theme comes with 6 sample columns when no content is yet set. These 6 columns will disappear once you start adding your own content.

To get started, navigate to theme’s settings page, eg. Appearance > Tempera Settings.


Open the Presentation Page section to see all its options (make sure the presentation page itself is enabled if you intend to use the slider and/or columns). Scroll down to the Presentation Page Columns group of options.


A. The first (and most important) option is choosing the source for the columns content:

  1. manually defined content – Widget Columns
  2. automatically generated from:
  • latest posts from all categories
  • random posts from all categories
  • sticky posts from all categories
  • latest posts from a category
  • random posts from a category
  • specific posts (by IDs)

B. Defines the number of columns per row the theme should display. Add the right number of columns so they correctly divide to the value you set here. Also make sure your content fits if you set a large number of columns per row.

C. Lets you set the height of the column image. The width is dependent on the total theme width and the number of columns per row, so this is automatically computed. Remember these number when you create and upload your column images.

D. Defines the column button text.

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
Note the Cryout Column (E) widget and the Presentation Page Columns (F) widget area.


Drag and dropw a Cryout Column widget to the Presentation Page Columns widget area. This will open up the widgets field so you can start adding content to your first column.

  • Column image URL – type in manually or or select image from the Library. Respect the recommended image size or your columns will look wrong.
  • Column title – leave blank to hide
  • Column text – leave blank to hide
  • Column link – leave blank to hide
  • Check box to open the link in a new window/tab.

To make sure your posts are valid for columns content, check that the selected posts:

  • have a featured image set; the image should be correct size as set in the Columns settings
  • have a title (if you wish them to display a title)
  • have content (if you wish the content to be displayed as column text)

The columns will link to the posts themselves. There is currently no way to define custom links.

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134 Responses to How to use the presentation page columns

  1. Paul says:

    My columns are tilted how do I get them to stay upright?

  2. Martin says:

    is it possible to have a slides like on presentation page on the other pages?

    Thank you for your support.

  3. Jason Vrijhof says:


    When having the tempera presentation page columns on default (no custom cryout column is being used) the “read more” button is visible. After implementing a custom cryout column, the picture and text is visible but the “read more” button is not. I can’t also find the code line anymore.

    Any ideas? I haven’t changed the presentation page column settings.

    Please advice.



  4. symplelife22 says:

    I have loaded my Nirvana site to my host and all the headers and pages are showing up except for the presentation page – it is the generic one and not the one I customized. I have cleared the cache and disabled the plug ins, but no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Andy says:

    Hi is it possible to have multple columns? Like multiple text area’s Text 1. text 2. text 3.

    Is it possible to have Column1 , columns2, etc, instead of the texts.

  6. Sabine says:

    Hi, I have one problem with the columns on the presentation page. I use 6 specific posts and till one hours ago everything was fine but now it shows only the first 2 of the 6 posts on the presentation page and the other 4 it doesn’t show anymore. here the website

  7. Sally Davisson says:

    Hi, for whatever reason, there’s no place to enter “Read More” text for the presentation page columns? It just doesn’t show up in my wordpress dashboard. Everything else works like a charm, but I’d like to be able to have text to work with the links. Thanks

    • Sally – Have you solved this yet? If not, go to Appearance, Tempera Settings, Presentation Page and then scroll down to Presentation Page Columns. Insert ‘Read More’ or other appropriate words for the words to appear on mouseover. Hope that helps.

      • Hi,

        I was out of town, but just got back. I did solve it, but a little differently than you recommend. And I should have been more clear: I’m using Nirvana not Tempera, although I know they are similar.


  8. I am using Nirvana. I’m having a problem with the presentation page columns. I have it set for “Latest posts from Category” (Works well) and Column Display as “Animated”. When the Browser is set at “Maximize” all is fine. The text appears over the column images with a mouse over. However, when the browser is set to “Restore Down” (Not Maximized) the text appears as static below the images. I would like for it to remain animated no mater what the browser setting.

  9. Fabio says:

    How Can I put this Presentation Cryout Column in another page?

  10. Cyndi says:

    How do you get a single image to display across all cryout boxes like in the sample view. I see how to upload individual images for each cryout box, but I would prefer one image to make it more sleek and cohesive- thanks!

  11. general electric servisi says:

    Hello again … I do not know how this happened, but all of a sudden everything was displayed correctly. I am wondering if my hoster was a bit slow but my problem is solved now.

  12. general electric servisi says:

    Randy, when you have created the cryout columns (in the widget area) you need to add the url back to the appropriate gallery/page in the box that says “Link:” I am an utter novice at this website stuff but have the images on our presentation page linking to galleries and other pages no problem at all.

  13. RJ says:


    I use the “Latest posts from category” option for the columns on the presentation page, and the latest posts from my chosen category appear on each column of the presentation page but all the formatting (simple ones like bold and line breaks) have disappeared and it’s just a blob of text.

    The FAQ mentioned that there is some sanitisation going on but the 6 default sample texts that appear when using the “Widget Columns” have still their formatting kept.

    How do I keep my posts formatted when they appear in the column on the presentation page?

    Best regards

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