How to use the presentation page columns

Note: These instructions apply to Tempera, Nirvana and Parabola (since v1.7).

Our themes include a special way of defining presentation page columns contents. This method allows for an infinite number of columns (and improved support for multi-language plugins).

The theme comes with 6 sample columns when no content is yet set. These 6 columns will disappear once you start adding your own content.

To get started, navigate to theme’s settings page, eg. Appearance > [Theme] Settings.


Open the Presentation Page section to see all its options (make sure the presentation page itself is enabled if you intend to use the slider and/or columns). Scroll down to the Presentation Page Columns group of options.


A. The first (and most important) option is choosing the source for the columns content:

  1. manually defined content – Widget Columns
  2. automatically generated from:
  • latest posts from all categories
  • random posts from all categories
  • sticky posts from all categories
  • latest posts from a category
  • random posts from a category
  • specific posts (by IDs)

B. Defines the number of columns per row the theme should display. Add the right number of columns so they correctly divide to the value you set here. Also make sure your content fits if you set a large number of columns per row.

C. Lets you set the height of the column image. The width is dependent on the total theme width and the number of columns per row, so this is automatically computed. Remember these number when you create and upload your column images.

D. Defines the column button text.

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
Note the Cryout Column (E) widget and the Presentation Page Columns (F) widget area.


Drag and drop a Cryout Column widget to the Presentation Page Columns widget area. This will open up the widgets field so you can start adding content to your first column.

  • Column image URL – type in manually or select image from the Library. Respect the suggested image size or your columns will look distorted.
  • Column title – enter column title or leave blank to hide
  • Column text – enter column text or leave blank to hide
  • Column link – enter link columns sends to on lick or leave blank to disable
  • Check box to open the link in a new window/tab.

When done click Save and your new column should become visible on the frontend.

To make sure your posts are valid for columns content, check that the selected posts:

  • have a featured image set; the image should be correct size as set in the Columns settings
  • have a title (if you wish them to display a title)
  • have content (if you wish the content to be displayed as column text)

The columns will link to the posts themselves. There is currently no way to define custom links.

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144 Responses to How to use the presentation page columns

  1. Guitarlica says:

    Could you tell me it there is a way to change the title colour on the Presentation page Coloumns in Nirvana?

  2. shirley says:

    I need help as well. My columns were fine until I tried to add another widget from another plug in. Now it messed up my top widget and I have been trying to get it back to the top of the page but having no luck. Help

  3. Hernan says:

    How can i modify the columns to hide the oldest? example i have more than 10 columns but i want to show 6 and the other 4 load when the users press more… Like the functionality on posts

  4. Christina says:

    Hi is there a way to use the images that come with the columns on the Nirvana theme presentation page and just change the text and links on them?
    I LOVE this theme by the way. Lots of coffee money coming your way soon!

  5. Susan says:

    Where do you adjust the size of the text (title and content) for the column? The text bleeds outside the box and I can’t find where to change the setting.

  6. Anna says:

    Crayout colums were great till today… Atfer a few days of three horizontal columns, that suddenly change the place and now are verticaly posiotioned on my presentation page. Could you help me to solve this problem? I have tried everything I can thing about and nothing helped. I checked settings through Nirvana Setting – Presentation Page and Wigdet Crayout Columns.

  7. Anish says:

    Is there a way where we can specifically adjust the size of the title(text) appearing above the columns? Alternatively, is there a way we can take the column title from above to beneath the column picture?

    The issue is that the text is above the columns. If the text is slightly longer, it flows in to the next line pushing the column picture downwards. As a result, the column pictures in a row do not align each other if the text length is different.

  8. Teresa says:

    Love this theme. Site is fairly user friendly. I have 2 columns – six cryout widgets on my homepage. How can I link these to new pages?

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