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    How do maintain the original images of the six boxes/Columns and replace them with desired images, – and still add widgets below them for videos. I have realized when I place widgets with video on the Presentation page, I loose the original Cryout Creations images captioned:
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    I want to keep them, and Below them, have my Widgets with the Video.
    [Example of homepage structure: Header-> Slider-> Presentation Columns-> Video Widgets Below-> Then Hello World pages below]
    Also how do I fix the spacing for the 2nd Column of videos that has uneven spacing.

    Website: www.GhanaWatchman.com

    Cryout Creations Team

    The example columns are only there for demonstrative purposes. Once you start adding your own columns, they disappear.

    Please see this dedicated tutorial on how to use the theme’s presentation page columns feature:

    How to use the presentation page columns

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