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    Glenn Zucman
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    Hello! Congratulations on Bravada, a gorgeous theme! Great graphics, animation, typography! TY!!

    I’m having an issue where images disappear. Sometimes all the images in a post are missing. Sometimes they are all there. More often 1 or 2 don’t show up and the others do. I’ve tried turning off all my plugins – which looks at first like it fixes it. But then the next time I save a revision to a post images disappear even though all plugins are off. Then if I turn all the plugins back on, the post images might load again! As far as I can see, it is not related to plugins. But it does change with each save of the post.

    Interestingly, this issue appears on Chrome, and not on Firefox. All posts always display all images on Firefox. But posts viewed with Chrome usually have 1 or 2 or all images missing.




    Hello, I have the same problem, anyone can help us ? Thanks in advance !
    I was found of the Nirvana Theme for years, and I was so happy to discover Bravada, a much more modern theme.


    I found a solution, that is to add this code in the additional CSS in the settings of the theme :
    body:not(.bravada-landing-page) #content img[loading=”lazy”] {
    opacity: 1;
    transition: none;
    … works for me.

    Glenn Zucman
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    Thanks for the tip, @MarieDorange!
    I gave it a try… first post I looked at was good… but the 2nd post was still not displaying all images.
    Oh well! 🙂

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi guys,

    Make sure to use the latest version of the theme and everything should be working nicely. We’re using lazy loading on images to help improve the site load. But if that causes some issues we might also add an option to disable lazy loading.

    Anyway, check out the latest Bravada version and let us know how it behaves.

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    Glenn Zucman
    Power User

    Thanks, Kay!

    I upgraded from 0.9 to and unfortunately, some pages are still not displaying all images – with Chrome. Example page:

    All images did display fine with Firefox, and they still do.

    Lazy load is a great idea in principle. In my limited experience, it seems to do the opposite of what’s intended and yields a poor performing website. I’ve started taking Jetpack off of as many websites as I can, but for those that must have it, I make sure Lazy Load is OFF. (the site in question does not use Jetpack)

    Thank you so much, of all your fantastic themes, I think Bravada is the most glorious yet!


    Cryout Creations mastermind


    I took a quick look at the indicated page and all content images appear to load fine for me in both Chrome and Edge (which is now Chromium-based).

    If you’re still seeing missing images on that page, perform a force refresh and check out the browser’s developer tools Console and Network tabs for any (red) error or blocked elements.

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    Nothing red in console and still no images (they appear randomly when you refresh). Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox on Mac.


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