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    I have set up my page with a main layout with header area and content area full width without columns:


    This is perfect for almost all of my content pages. The only exception would be the blog page, where I want to have a sidebar on the right with latest entries, calendar, the usual. But when setting the blog page to “Blog-Template” or to “Two columns, sidebar right”, this has no effect. The blog page stays fullwidth with no sidebar.

    On the contrary, when setting Tempera’s main layout to two columns with sidebar right:


    … this applies not only to the blog page but to every page. Taking this as default an manually changing all other pages to fullwidth is no option. Too many of then and also this would not apply to some of the woocommerce pages.

    So why doesn’t an individual template for the blog page override the Tempera mail layout and how can this be done?


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    WordPress handles the homepage and blog page as special sections, on which the (selected) pages’ template option are ignored and have no effect. These sections will normally use the theme’s configured general layout, like most of the site.

    This behaviour can only be changed by adding functionality to the site through custom code.

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    Please check the available documentation and search the forums before starting a topic.


    thanks for the feedback.

    I can’t imagine this is some unusual usecase, so is there any proven custom code available that would restore the right column to the blog page when the general layout set in Tempera is “no sidebars”?



    Any tips, anyone?


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