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    Lloyd DeKay

    Nice theme and fairly flexible which generally suits my needs with some minor workarounds.  But I have one issue I can’t find a workaround for.

    Is there a way to turn off the site title and description from the header area?

    I am trying to use a header image that has both the name as a logo and the description embedded where I want them in the image.  Having the theme display the name and description makes a mess of it.

    I tried removing the color settings for both, hoping for transparency, but the default color knocks out that workaround.  I may have missed the option to turn them off somewhere else.  That one problem pretty well makes an otherwise great theme unusable for our purposes.


    takes a look into the settings, there is an option…


    C11. How do I use an image for the site header and also hide the site title & description? / Why does my browser displays a dash as the site title?

    a) You can set the site header to use an image in Appearance > Header. Then hide the site title and description text from Mantra Settings > Graphics, the Title and Description option.

    Lloyd DeKay

    Thanks.  I didn’t notice it among all the other options.

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