Mantra 2.4 celebrates 4 years of existence


It’s a time for joy and celebration, not just because a new Mantra update is here to correct and improve some long outstanding issues but also because this month, 4 years ago, our little Mantra opened its digital eyes and met with the Wordpress repository for the very first time. And boy what I ride it has been since…

Mantra is now 4 years old and although her little sisters are starting to surpass her, she’s still older, wiser and still has a few issues up her sleeves.

One of the most important changes in the latest update is the removal of shortcodes. The keep the [mantra] or [cryout] shortcodes working on your site, we’ve moved this functionality to a separate plugin… Read the rest

Parabola 1.4.3 packs a few

Parabola Screenshot

After a long, deserved and relaxing winter break Parabola returns into the world only to find a changed Wordpress. Things are different now, rules somehow feel heavier… There’s still some time left, but she can’t help but let her thoughts roam wild… What will happen next? Will she be able to adapt?

In the meantime, this is one of the larger updates (not in file size but in the number of items fixed, changed, added or improved), so remember to check the changelog for all the info. Read the rest

Where is WordPress heading? To have or not have theme options…


Wordpress’ Theme Review Team seems to always be involved in a lot of decision making. That’s good, decisions have to be made and a direction needs to be set and maintained.

However lately the decisions seem to be taken hastily, without analysing all the effects (and maybe consequences) they have. We’ve had scuffles with Wordpress before, but we’ve moved on, adapted, clarified or changed things. But this new decision directly affects themes – meaning it touches us the most.

In the latest Theme Review Theme weekly meeting a decision was taken to start to recommend, and eventually (in 6 months time) to impose the use of the Customizer API in all themes and for all theme options.

What does this mean for you? It means themes will no longer be allowed to have separate theme option pages (like our nicely arranged Theme Settings page) but instead must switch to using the Customizer for all their options.

Right now this rule is mandatory for all new theme submissions, while existing themes get 6 months to switch or new updates will no longer be accepted in the repository. Read the rest

Tempera 1.2.7 wakes up from hibernation


It’s been a long three months of freezing winter (with massive amounts of snow in places), but Tempera is now well rested and ready to return to fighting with the higher forces.

During this first round the fight consists of mostly localization and styling fixes, with a touch of Google fonts, new translations and some IE quirks. The pièce de résistance is, of course… Read the rest