Parabola 1.7 knows it all

Parabola Theme

Three years ago (almost to the day) we were taunting you with our (then) brand new theme. In the meantime dust has settled, scratches appeared, but the bookmark was never removed. It took three years of learning and studying its younger siblings for Parabola 1.7 to gather all the knowledge and code to grow further.

With this release we want to thank our (veteran) Parabola users by bringing two heavily requested features in the biggest update yet… Continue reading

Fluida gets shoved back

Fluida Theme

Fluida already made it past a checkpoint, there were no “please come with me”, no “what’s in the bag?”, no strip searches, no night-long interrogations, the second checkpoint was within reach, things were starting to look bright, and then out of nowhere it happened…

There was no warning, no foretelling signs. With a simple phrase not even directed at her, Fluida got shoved all the way back to the end of the line. The bright doorway is far in the distance again… Continue reading

Fluida 0.9.4(.1/.2) feels accepted

Fluida Theme

Fluida is about to become popular. She’s been approved and accepted in the cool group of themes and will soon join her siblings. And to celebrate this event we improved Fluida with even more fixes and additions.

We’re also working on Fluida’s own Presentation Page which should join in on the fun in a future theme update. Stay tuned! Continue reading

Mantra 2.5.0 is nearing 5 years with a tear

Mantra Theme

Updates celebrate milestones; updates bring fixes and improvements; updates build and expand upon collected knowledge. But sometimes updates can also bring hurtful changes.

Mantra 2.5.0 is in a happy/sad mood – celebrating almost 5 years of existence but losing part of itself at the same time.

Just like with her sisters we have set up an alternative solution. As we previously announced, we decided to retain the settings page functionality and move it to a separate plugin. Continue reading